Is there any Sense in the Messi Mess?

Is there any Sense in the Messi Mess?I'll try to keep this short - just to keep it as a record of what has happened and how the betfair exchange markets have followed.
I have followed the market "Specials - Messi Next Club - Transder Window Ending 5th Oct", alongside the "English Premier League Winner 2020/21" market. 
The idea was to inspect:   1. How the market reacted to certain news,    2. How much signing Messi would increase the chance of Man City to win the Premier League.

So what I noticed was:
Was the "Messi Next Club" market ever very accurate?
There was a spell between Aug 26 and Sep 3 where it didn't appear to matter whether signing would add value to the City squad or not. The price of winning the Premier League remained more or less constant at about 1.74 (a 57% chance) when it looked like they were probably going to sign Messi (for example as short as 1.68/59% on Sep 2).  It also was the very same price when it looked like they were pro…

Towards Condensing the Season

So I had an idea to complete the Premier League season in fewer matches. There is a fixture list of remaining fixtures, but not all fixtures are created equally. For example Liverpool vs Aston Villa would put a bit more shape to both the title race and the relegation battle, or Man Utd vs Sheff Utd would add significant information to the race for Champions League spots.

One process to consider would be to rank the remaining fixtures by relevance based on title/relegation/Champions/Europa League "battle", based on which "battle" is most open and which teams are most involved in those battles.
1. Rank the remaining fixtures. 2. Play the most relevant next. 3. Check the table if all "battles" are mathematically decided then stop, else repeat from 1.
It may even increase the fairness as the most relevant matches are prioritised.  It is more likely that you get a fair run in where Villa and Brighton both play Liverpool full strength and less likely the case where …